Ola Magnell

Ola Magnell
The songwriter who is "looking for that something behind" is back.

”Rolös” is Ola Magnell first album since the 2003's acclaimed album ”Vallmoland”. With assistance from several of the younger generation's most interesting musicians and artists Magnell present his most varied album in a long time.

”Rolös” is released in collaboration with the National and is fine tuned album based on Magnells storytelling, guitar playing and singing through the years. As a songwriter he combines craftsmanship with his own, unique expression. The major part of the album is acoustic: gentle songs in airy, and identity-reinforcing arrangement. There is also a part New Orleans-influenced swing, playfully broken Tom Waits-rock and a string of melodies with a timeless touch. The result is an album that breathes.

In addition, it contains some of the finest vocal efforts Magnell has ever captured on a recording.
”- This time, I felt relaxed, he confirms. I am a bit sensitive when it comes to recording a song in the studio and to be directed. On this album, we played guitars and recorded vocals mostly at the same take. It becomes more organic that way.”


National/Ulrika W Martínez, ullis@national.se

Hotell National 2013

"Hotell National 2013"

Released: 2013-12-04
Format: 2xCD

75.00 SEK

Andra spelar Sundström

Lars Winnerbäck, Miss Li, Ola Magnell m fl
"Andra spelar Sundström"

Released: 2010-10-27
Format: CD

75.00 SEK


Ola Magnell

Released: 2010-04-21
Format: CD

75.00 SEK

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