Take a few ounces of Bob Marley, Che Guevara, John Lennon

and maybe even a little Prince, Manu Chao and Lenny Kravitz and stir it all up with some very strong Cuban personality. National are extremely proud to announce a fantastic addition to our artist rooster, the one and only X-Alfonso – One of the best, coolest and most popular artists in Cuba since several years. His very own version of rock, hip hop, rap and Cuban son, accompanied by cruel video projections, has already been enjoyed at both last year's Peace and Love Festival at Roskilde Festival and festivals in for example London and Berlin. X Alfonso is a really influential artist in Cuba, b la official ambassador for UNICEF and responsible for the upcoming big event when the Peace & Love festival is held in Havana. In spring, the new album is released, keep ears and not least, eye opening, this is certainly something beyond the ordinary.

We ourselves have witnessed him do five classic live performances at the biggest scenes in Havana, always with a thousands of ecstatic people as audience. At the peaceconcert X-Alfonso made with Columbiana Juanes (among others) at Plaza la Revolucion in Havana, Sept. 2009, there was one million people in the audience.


National/Ulrika W Martínez, ullis@national.se

Hotell National 2013

"Hotell National 2013"

Released: 2013-12-04
Format: 2xCD

75.00 SEK

Live in Havana

X Alfonso
"Live in Havana"

Released: 2011-12-13
Format: CD

75.00 SEK

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