In close cooperation with visKWa / Border Music, we present a new album by one of the best songwriters we have in Sweden, Ola Magnell. It's been seven years since the last acclaimed album Vallmoland - and Mangell is certainly not a frequent album artist but he is better and more eager than most and he does it well. The new album Rolös is no exception, perhaps even one of his best and will certainly belong to this year's best when 2010 is summarized. A total of 12 strong tracks with very beautiful and delicate arrangement (producer Carl Ekerstam) sung in an extremely lively and inspiring manner. Guests apperances by Elin Ruth Sigvardsson and Nina Ramsby. The first single, Song for the let down was already listed and by the Swedish Radio P4.

Ola Magnell


  • Label: National/visKWa
  • Cat No: VISKWACD001
  • Release: 2010-04-21
  • Format: CD
  • 75.00 SEK

Andra spelar Sundström

Lars Winnerbäck, Miss Li, Ola Magnell m fl
Andra spelar Sundström

Release: 2010-10-27
Format: CD

75.00 SEK

Hotell National 2013

Hotell National 2013

Release: 2013-12-04
Format: 2xCD

75.00 SEK