Terms & Prices


Due to changes in stockpolicy we are currently not able to make shipments of items on a daily basis. Due to this delivery time may vary up to 1 - 2 months. Important! We urge you to email us at customerservice@national.se in order to get estimation of delivery time of specific product/s before placing your order. National reserves the right to cancel placed orders should delivery not be possible.

Ways of payment:

Creditcard (At present, we accept VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard) Every currency applies.All creditcard payments are handled with secure encryption via Payson. Prices are shown in Swedish currency (SEK) but every currency applies when buying.Your creditcard provider will automatically convert the correct amount into your domestic currency when handling your transaction. All transactions are handled in Sweden. National pays registered VAT in Sweden.

Problems with your order?

Contact National via e-mail: customerservice@national.se

Terms and prices:

Within Sweden:
Minimum of 100 SEK/per order, free of freight cost no matter how many records you buy.
Note! If you order for less than 100 SEK there´s a freight cost of 25 SEK.

Within Europe:
There´s a freight cost of: 50 SEK/per order.

Outside of Europe:
There´s a freight cost of: 50 SEK/per order.

Creditcard payment:

At present, we accept VISA, VISA Electron & Mastercard. When you pay with credit card, the payment is handled by our payment partner PAYSON (www.payson.se) to guarantee secure payments. Prices are shown in swedish currency only (SEK) but every currency is valid, no matter where you live your creditcard provider will convert the amount for your purchase into the correct domestic currency.

This is how it works:
- When you´ve chosen the products you want to buy go to the register press CHECKOUT button & enter your information.
- Choose Paymethod ”Pay with VISA/MasterCard" as way of payment is you live outside of Sweden.
You will now be transfered to PAYSON.SE Secure card transaction via SSL-connection
- State your card number, CVC/CVV-code and validation date.
- A control is now carried out to make sure that your data is correct and that there is money on your account. This may take a moment depending on what kind of internetconnection you have.Important! Do not close the window or your browser nor use backward button in browser at this stage. Wait until the window shows: Thank you for ordering! And you get a confirmation stating ordernumber and details. Your order has now been accepted and a confirmation e-mail has also been sent to your registered e-mail adress.
- The money is now transfer via PAYSON to SKIVBOLAGET NATIONAL AB.